Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Get To Know Your Photographer.

Most know me as a sports photographer. And while that is one of my niche's I've practiced my craft for years with other subjects and worked in other mediums. My Dad had an SLR which peeked my interest in photography initially. My first step into digital photography was about 10 years ago when cameras started to become more accessible. My favorite subject was my dog, Baron. He was my muse throughout my college career. I found an even bigger love for photography in college, and had an amazing professor to guide me. Not only did I study photography but I also had experience in graphic design, 3D design, and printmaking. As well as a good foundation in Art History. After 4 hard and rewarding years I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art.
After college I battled major health issues that went undiagnosed for almost 2 1/2 years. This put my career on hold. At the beginning of 2011 I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia among other medical issues. I started learning how to cope with my illness, and was able to pursue a career again.
Things came quickly and I began my sports photography career at Gamecock Anthem during my favorite time of the year, baseball season. My first year of work was a whirlwind included a trip to the College World Series to cover the second consecutive National Championship for the University of South Carolina Baseball Team. I then embarked on my first football season. The team achieved a school record of 11 wins and I covered my first bowl game, the Capital One Bowl. These were incredible opportunities for my first professional year.

Here is a more specific list of everything I've covered in my career thus far:
University of South Carolina Athletics-
Men's/Women's Basketball
Baseball (2011/12 Regionals, 2011/12 Super Regionals, 2011 CWS Championship)
2011 NCAA Men's College World Series
2012 Capital One Bowl
2012 NCAA Men's College World Series

I've earned the respect of my peers, coaches, and athletes for my hard work. I've had young girls look up to me and say they want to do what I do. That is amazing, and incredibly humbling. Sports photography allows me to escape into one of my happiest places. I bring an artistic eye to the field, and I feel that sets me apart. However I'm not only bringing my photography knowledge and artistic ability out to the field. I also come with a vast knowledge and passion for sports. I can thank my Dad for that. Don't think that sports photography is the only thing I enjoy though. I love photographing animals, newborns, and kids. I'm not afraid to get on their level and capture the perfect shot. I feel so blessed to have an eye for various subjects. I'm constantly striving to be better. I'm also my own biggest critic.

My career path hasn't been easy though. There have been hardships, letdowns, and people not willing to give me chance or undervaluing my knowledge and abilities. I've worked extremely hard to get where I am, but there are moments that make me question my talent and everything about myself which is a hard place to be in.  You have to continue to believe in yourself, and you have to be willing to never stop learning and perfecting your craft. With all of that said I'm grateful for all the support I receive from family, friends, and fans. Although I am a sports photographer don't just see me as that, and remember me when you want to capture those special moments in your life.